Welcome to The Fitting Company, a model agency specialized in fitting and presentation models. My name is Eva Elzinga, founder and director, experienced as a fitting and presentation model myself for almost twenty years. In the last ten years I focused on selecting and coaching models for multiple fashion brands. Making my models fit perfectly to your assignment: that’s my main challenge and opportunity.


The Fitting Company represents female and male models in all sizes and different nationalities. Our models are carefully selected on measurements, appearance and attitude. We are pleased to offer the tailor-made expertise your brand needs to make the job successful.


The Fitting Company wants you to experience the difference of our philosophy. The solid fundament is based on three main principles: feel, focus and flexibility. Each model of The Fitting Company owns these special qualities, which give profit, pleasure and a natural glance to your design process and presentation. Our models enjoy working with all kinds of people, being part of the creative process, enjoying the client friendly spirit. They are sharp and attentive personalities, making the difference by showing responsibility and professionalism.